Standard Design 2017 Full Width Home

Straightsell Standard 'Responsive Web Design' 2017 Demonstration Website - Full Width Header Style

This website demonstrates the Full Width header appearance. This style is the best for visual impact and is ideal for retail orientated websites. The main image area is very large and supports the automatic rotation of up to six images. Additionally captions can be added to each individual image to add text information if desired.
Features of this style include:

  • Large Main Image with Automatic Rotation for up to six images
  • Header Logo Image Display
  • Per Image Captions for Text Display (e.g. Slogan and Phone Number)

To review the logged in functionality for Customers use:

  • Username:
  • Password: customer1234

To review the logged in functionality for Account Managers* use:

  • Username: accountmanager1234
  • Password: accountmanager1234

This is just one of the styles you can choose for your Straightsell website, at no additional cost! Other available standard styles include:

* Additional charges apply.